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Enamel Wire

Enamel Wire

We have developed a new segment where we manufacture and market Round Enameled Copper Wires under the brand name KMG. We are determined to maintain excellent quality standard and achieve global recognition with use of LME Grade Copper Wire Rod and premium quality enamel and manufacture using world class wire drawing and enameling machines.

Product Description:-

- Wire range from 8swg to 42swg

- Enamel Coating options: PVA / PEW / EIW / El-AIW / AIW

Magnet wire converts electrical energy into mechanical energy. It is wound in the form of coil around the core present in electric-electronic appliances such as heavy electric, automobiles and home appliance industry etc.

Types of Enamel wire and its Applications

  • Polyvinyl Format (PVF) OR Polyvinyl Acetal (PVA) Enameled wire

    • Features: Good heat shock and oil resistance, outstanding mechanical strong insulation, excellent hydrolysis.
    • Application: General purpose motors, Oil immersed transformer.

  • Polyester enameled wire (PEW)

    • Features: Good Electrical Characteristics and solvent resistance
    • Application: General purpose motors, motors for home appliances.

  • Polyester-imide overcoated with polyamide-imide enameled wire (EI-AIW)

    • Features : Good solvent resistance and insulation.
    • Application: HVT coil for micro-wave and motors for automobile.

  • Self-bonding Polyester-imide overcoated with Polyamide-imide enameled wire (SB El-AIW)

    • Features : Self-bondable, excellent heat resistance.
    • Application: Electric devices in automobiles, HVT coil for micro-wave and motors for automobile.

  • Polyamide-imide enameled wire (AIW)

    • Features : Excellent abrasion resistance and thermal stability.
    • Application: Apparatus for high operating temperature, motors for power tools, Freon gas etc. Enameled Round Winding Wires are supplied on plastic spools; Cylindrical Barreled, Taper Barreled and Bi­Conical.

Customized packaging also available as per buyer’s requirement.