Inatia Plum balls are made in Japan by a GMP certified unit. The manufacturing process entails compressing unripe, hard plums with at compressor to press out the juice. The liquid is then boiled in high heat until it reaches a certain concentration level. Then it is boiled in low heat for 3 days. Itís a tedious process, but it produces a plum extract that is 50X its concentration!

The Benefits of our Plum Balls :

  • Ume Plum Ball contains citric acid (which helps to relieve fatigue) and polyphenol (which is known for its anti-aging effects).
  • The fermentation process creates chemical properties that fight against the unhealthy aging of arteries, atherosclerosis, and aids in preventing blood clots. Ume Plum Ball assists the stomach and intestinal functions, digestion, and can be taken for indigestion or gastrointestinal disorders.
  • Helps to make the body more alkaline. Due to anti-bacterial properties , it also helps purify the toxins found in water, food or blood clots.
  • Promotes transport of food and waste products in the stomach and intestines, raises digestive absorption, and alleviates digestion difficulties and other stomach ailments.