A: Did not get infected with hand foot and mouth disease(HFMD).

I thought that it would be possible for my child to be infected because a large number of students were infected at school. However, I was relieved without having any infection because I had usually given the plum extract balls to children. (Age 40ís, mother)

B: It helped in the prevention of influenza.

I cannot leave my work because I am personally owned.I have been taking plum extract balls for the purpose of preventing cold and influenza, and it has been six years, but I have never catch these. It helps me a lot.(Age 50's self-employed)

C: Surprised by the result of the medical checkup!

Every year at the company's health checkup, the blood test was always "observation required" and I was careful about the diet but it did not improve. However, it is surprising to start drinking plum meat extract balls! This year we received all "good" judgments. All my family was surprised and started drinking. (Age 50's company employee)

D: I finished the marathon!

I finished the marathon!I started practicing from age 40ís, aiming to run completely the marathon run. Plum extract balls, I heard that it is rich in citric acid well for fatigue recovery, then began to drink. By continuing drinking for 3 months, I was able to complete the run. I will continue from now on. (Age 40ís employee)

E: For the prevention of H. pylori.

He was concerned about H. pylori because his stomach was weak in his family. I heard that plum extract grains are good for preventing H. pylori at a medicine shop, and I thought that plum fruit could be taken with confidence because it is natural. When I examined it, I was surprised at the plum extract balls. (Age 30ís salesperson)