Plum Balls are most beneficial when taken after a meal. You can take upto 8 balls twice a day depending on the intensity of your health issue.

This depends on the kind of problem you are treating.

For stomach related issues, you should get some relief in about an hour, for long standing issues like chronic constipation, acidity, anemia etc., it may take few weeks or even longer.

Plum Balls are 100% Natural Products and completely safe. Even if taken for a long duration.

Items are shipped on same day as receiving the order. Depending on your location, delivery should take place between 3-4 days.

If stored in a cool dry place, shelf life is upto 2 years from Manufacturing Date.

Yes, Small children can take upto 4 plum balls and Pregnant Women and an elderly people can take upto 8 balls.

It is also safe for people with diabetes as there is no sugar content.

It is preferred that Plum Balls be chewed.

However, if one finds the taste too sour, they can be swallowed with water. Please avoid taking with milk/ Milk products.

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