I'm Aparna - your conscience coach.

I help you improve your relationships. to start with - your relationship with your own self! Your conscience is the matrix which holds your all the functional data & powers of conscious & subconscious mind. When you come in sync with it, you become the master of your own destiny.
it’s our subconscious mind - The conscience which has entire data of your being. It keeps a track of your entire karma. Our conscience - the inner voice - our treasurer, our guiding angel which communicates to us to show us the path and guide us through what we want and who we want to be! When you become inadvertent and irresponsible of your actions, it results into a heavy, gloomy and polluted conscience, which blocks your communication and finally results into a permanent quietness of your conscience.
You lose you connect with your own powers and lack to understand, evaluate & act in your
own situations!

An Awaken, active conscience impowers you with your own inner treasures and subconscious information which our conscious mind is not aware of! Once u get a conscious access to your subconscious information - you easily understand your self - your relationships with your - people, profession, academics, society and each minor details of your surrounding!

Through my therapies I'll assist you to reactivate your conscience!

We will work together on your conscience to awaken it through various therapies & wellbeing program. Will initiate the process by working on your mind body & spirit which will primarily enhance your living experience and becomes a base preparing you for the process of awakening of your conscience.

your mental & psychological fabric is the framework of your conscience. your thoughts, each word - action - tendencies - desires all leaves an indelible print on your conscience, which is your root - your subconscious mind and behaviour!

The clearer and lighter u keep it the better you know and understand yourself.
A heavy and hazy conscience make your relationship with your own self very entangled & complicated. Which to start with results in low self-confidence & esteem - leading to anxiety - out of control situations & ultimately Depression.

It does help to talk to experts, counsellors and psychologists to get out of a mental and emotional situation. But working on your conscience helps you to resolve all such issues from the root. No one can understand your inner science and those layers of subconscious experiences and data of your mind, better than yourself! One after another - life is full of situations and experiences.

Guiding u with one situation is like - a paracetamol for high fever, just to turn it down. It doesn't treat the cause. these bad situations when we need a psychologist or a counsellor - are like those indicative fever, where the real reason has to be treated and resolved from its's root and not just supress them with a pill - a counselling, until it triggers back again.

All our ongoing issues & problems are related to our past back deep down, we carry them from our childhood.It's very imp to find out & understand those crisis, complexities & situations to address them, nurse them & permanently heal them.

I help u find your own mantra - to understand your inner layers and de-code your psychology.

I will not counsel you for those specific momentary issues, I coach your conscience - and help u to Disentangle your mind and establish a deep connect with your conscience - to guide and communicate with u through its intuitive language.

It will impower and allow u to access the abundance of possibilities within You!

Wish you Contentment conscientious living!

Happy To Help

Has anything in mind about yourself or your loved ones, that keeps you worried? Any insecurity, crisis, incidents from the past, health issues, issues with personal & professional decision making, relationship issues or coping with a grief or loss? Not able to face something or just want to explore yourself & possibilities to be more successful! For all such 'May- may not be-s', 'what if-s', 'I wish I could's'
I'm there to explore it together, with you!
Feel free to write me now, for a first free consultation!

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To kick start this process, I offer a Complimentary first consultation through email. After reading your issues I will evaluate your case and revert with a plan of action-based solution. We would begin the journey of exploring the conscience, by getting to know each other, analysing the need of therapy and finally, we would figure out the best therapy at a fundamental level. This would not just serve as the basic help but would also instil your trust in the process.
I'd request you to write or fill a form, if you think that you have a concern regarding yourself or about your loved ones. A prior confirmed appointment is compulsory for any mode and category of consultation.
Options if you are in:
India - Personal meeting / Skype session
Outside India - Skype Sessions/ personal meeting

Please Note: Clients travelling to India for therapies & consultation will have to look for their own arrangements and pre book consultation and therapies and must carry the confirmation letter.